November 2-3, 2015 — Orange County, California

Company Presentations

Monday, November 2 from 2:30 - 5:00 p.m.

One of the highlights of every Medical Device & Investor Forum is the opportunity for a select number of start-up life science companies to present to the whole conference audience.  This year, OCTANe is pleased to announce the final line up of start-up companies that will be presenting at its 10th Annual Medical Device & Investor Forum (MDIF) on November 2, 2015 at 3:15 PM.  These companies were screened through the rigorous LaunchPad analytics evaluation process and represent some of the most innovative and interesting new companies that LaunchPad has seen recently.


Each company will have 10 minutes to present to the general audience and to a panel of investor judges.  The presentations will focus on the companies’ innovative solutions to problems facing the medical system and their underlying business models. The scores of the judges will determine the top two companies who will receive invitations to present at the prestigious ROTH Capital Conference on March 13-16, 2016.


OCTANe is grateful for the support of BioQuest, the leading life science executive search firm in our area, and by ROTH Capital, one of the premier investment banks in the region, as sponsors of this year’s company presentations.  BioQuest’s Dave Mildrew will serve as the session moderator.  Don’t miss this key part of the MDIF agenda profiling the life science products that will shape the future of healthcare.

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Dave Mildrew - Partner, Medical Device Practice, Healthcare IT Practice, BioQuest
Dave is a key member of the Medical Device, Healthcare IT, and Healthcare services practice groups. He uses his extensive background in human resources management with both large and small medical companies to identify and successfully place executive talent.

MDIF 2015 Presenting Companies Include:

Atlas Spine

Atlas Spine designs, develops, manufactures and distributes advanced technology implant systems used in minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS).  Key Atlas facts:

  -  28 patents issued, 21 pending, multiple others in development

  -  Proven clinical history with 7 products on the market, 27 in the development pipeline

  -  510(k) regulatory pathways with clear reimbursement models

  -  The Atlas Difference:

 -  Mass customization of spinal implants expandable to suit individual patient surgical needs, MIS compatible

 -   Additional clinical capabilities designed to facilitate anatomical correction

 -  Strong surgeon partnerships reflect innovative platforms

 -  50% reduction in implant inventory - fewer trial components, fewer instruments

Doug Watson, CEO & President, Atlas Spine

Deton Corp

Deton’s Cough Collector enables physicians to treat lower respiratory infections effectively based on high-yield and diagnostic fast test results. Today physicians rely on empiric treatment because sputum-based tests are low-yield and slow. Sputum (or phlegm) is unobtainable in children and 20% of adults. It is contaminated and difficult-to-process. The Cough Collector non-invasively collects micron-sized infectious cough droplets from all patients, including those who cannot produce sputum. Our cough sample is also clean and easy-to-process. We have developed a prototype and obtained promising clinical data using $750,000 from NIH. Next, we will finalize the design and obtain data for regulatory approvals.

Patrick Sislian, CEO, Deton Corp

Modulated Imaging

Identifying and treating wounds at an early stage improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. Measuring tissue oxygen saturation (StO2) is a critical indicator of tissue health and healing, but current measurement methods fall into two camps: (1) cheap and inaccurate or; (2) useful, but very expensive, with limited (1-2cm) coverage.  The Ox-Imager addresses the shortcomings of existing technologies with a non-contact, light-based imaging system that “sees” deeper, is more accurate, and has a wider-field (>20cm) of measurement in real-time. These advantages can lead to early intervention, which reduces costs and increases patient quality-of-life.

David Cuccia, CEO, Modulated Imaging

Neural Analytics 

Diseases and injuries of the brain are particularly catastrophic because they strike at our core self, changing who we are for the rest of our lives. These events affect both the young and the old; the healthy and the frail. We are all at risk. Neural Analytics is focused on applying data science to neuroscience. We utilize “big data” techniques to measure, diagnose and track brain health. Initially, we are targeting the $17B global market for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) diagnosis with products that combine simple ultrasonic hardware with sophisticated data science and algorithms.

Dr. Leo Petrossian, CEO, Neural Analytics


Onciomed is a clinical stage, innovative technology company that is emerging as a game changer in obesity treatments.  Onciomed’s Gastric Vest System™ (GVS) is designed to address the obesity epidemic worldwide with a minimally invasive, long term medical device implant which is reversible, yet imitates complex gastric surgery without stapling, cutting, and removing portions of the stomach.  The GVS is in clinical trials, enabling patients to achieve a new life of health, wellness, and freedom from obesity through quick satiety and durable weight-loss.  We believe the GVS will be the next standard of care in obesity and that millions of people will benefit from it.  This disruptive technology will enable Onciomed to dominate the multi-billion-dollar obesity market.

Dr. Raj Nihalani, Founder & CEO, Onciomed, Inc

Perimeter’s Medical Imaging

Perimeter’s Optical Tissue Imaging (OTIS™) is an intra-operative imaging tool which provides surgeons, pathologists and radiologists with the ability to visually assess tumor margins during surgery. The OTIS™ is based on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and delivers the ability to image large and complex surfaces (such as breast lumpectomy specimens) in real time.  OTIS™ has been designed to integrate into current clinical workflow, providing the surgeon with information needed to determine whether additional intervention is required to reduce the chance of additional surgeries.   OTIS™ delivers automated, full specimen, high resolution, margin visualization that is non-ionizing, non-contact and non-destructive to tissue. 

Paul Weber, CEO, Perimeter Medical Imaging

Soft Health Technologies

Soft Health Technologies was formed to commercialize Finess®, a novel, clinically proven device for female stress urinary incontinence, cleared by FDA for over-the-counter sale. Finess is a small, single use device comprised of a soft hydrophilic foam pad with a proprietary adhesive hydrogel on one surface. It is self-placed over the urethral opening. When an SUI episode occurs, unlike an absorbent pad, the hydrogel adhesive prevents urine from escaping the body.  An initial financing was completed in May 2014, and in 2015, under a collaborative agreement with a Fortune 100 company, the Company commenced a limited commercial introduction of Finess.

Thomas Berryman, CEO, Soft Health Technologies

Spinal Singularity

Our first product, the Connected Catheter, is the first semi-permanent, minimally invasive, smart catheter system that alerts users when their bladder is full and allows them to drain their bladder without inserting additional catheters.  The product is still in the prototyping phase and we expect to enter clinical trials in 2016.  One Connected Catheter will replace as many as 200 disposable catheters.

Derek Herrera, CEO - Founder, Spinal Singularity


SpineOvations (SO) is a medical device company developing novel minimally invasive therapies for lower back pain and spinal/disc diseases. SO’s lead product, DiscSeal, is designed to treat Internal Disc Disruption (IDD) and Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD).   DiscSeal’s primary clinical benefit will be reduction in pain and improvement in functionality for patients suffering from lower back disorders and pain.  DiscSeal is a proprietary formulation of biocompatible PMMA microspheres which act as a disc stabilization agent and hyaluronic acid which serves as the viscous gel carrier.  Spine Ocations recently completed physical product design and large animal model studies with DiscSeal. The company’s current focus is on completing remaining pre-clinical studies required for the initiation of European Union human clinical trials.  The company’s goal is to initiate human clinical trials in 2016 and obtain EU CE Mark approval of DiscSeal by 2017.  Preliminary market research indicates a multibillion market to treat IDD and DDD patients.

Niv Caviar, CEO, Spine Ovations

Velox Biosystems

Velox Biosystems is defining the future of rapid and sensitive culture-independent tests for cancer, drug-resistant pathogens, and infectious diseases.  We have developed our patented platform technology, Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection (IC3D), to selectively detect biomarkers of these diseases in milliliters of unprocessed blood with single-cell sensitivity using a one-step process that takes less than 60 min.  Our products include the benchtop IC3D reader and a library of one-time use cartridges that contain the reagents required to run each test.  Simply select the disease you want to test for, drop in your blood sample, push GO, and get your answer.


Christopher Heylman, Ph.D., CEO, Velox Biosystems


Private meetings
The investment presentation format will not allow time for Q&A. However, CEOs from the presenting companies are available for private meetings with investors before and during the Forum. Please contact to schedule.